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The Learner Within

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The Learner Within was developed as a tool to assist executives, managers and teams in the process of transforming their organizations in today’s rapidly-changing environment. Learning organizations today will be competitive winners tomorrow. Individuals and teams need tools, learning activities, inspiration, coaching and direction. The Learner Within™ is an affordable resource that can always be within the reach of every team member. Using The Learner Within as a catalyst the organization will develop a culture of continues learning, open communication, feedback and greater individual competency. The Learner Within is a card-based interactive learning resource designed to foster individual, team and organizational learning.

The Learner Within can be used, during training seminars or workshops, as a personal learning assistant and catalyst for change.

The Learner Within is designed to help its users discover solutions specific to them, their team or their organization. Founded on proven techniques in leading-edge management thinking, it contains models, frameworks, thought-provoking questions, suggestions, quotations and resources that will lead its users towards their own discoveries as they chart their own learning journeys. Learning activities relevant to each topic are provided for individuals and for groups or teams. Cross-referencing lets the users take paths specific to their interests, with freedom to choose their paths as they go.