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Discover The Learner Within

The Learner Within is a card-based interactive learning resource designed to foster individual, team, and organizational learning.

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If you a learner, an explorer, or a leader of self or of others, The Learner Within is a must have resource. Whether you need to lead a group from point A to point B, make sense of your own thoughts, or simply reflect on your success, The Learner Within is the best resource ever created to assist you in that adventure.

List of Topics

  • 1. Accessing Energy
    2. Accessing Intuition
    3. Achieving What I Want
    4. Becoming a Learning Organization
    5. Becoming a Leader
    6. Being Flexible & Adaptive
    7. Building a Team
    8. Building on Differences
    9. Caring
    10. Changing Perspective
    11. Communicating
    12. Contributing to a Team
    13. Coping with Ambiguity
    14. Coping with Loss
    15. Creating Opportunities
    16. Dealing with Conflict
    17. Dealing with Difficult People
    18. Dealing with Information
    19. Dealing with Negative Emotions
    20. Dealing with Power
    21. Discovering my Originality

  • 22. Enabling Others
    23. Enrolling Others
    24. Exploring Ethical Dilemmas
    25. Exploring Learning Organizations
    26. Facilitating Learning in Groups
    27. Focusing on Quality
    28. Focusing on What’s Important
    29. Generating Creative Ideas
    30. Getting to Know Someone
    31. Giving and Receiving
    32. Helping Others to Learn
    33. Influencing Others
    34. Initiating Change
    35. Innovating
    36. Keeping an Open Mind
    37. Knowing Myself
    38. Learning as a Journey
    39. Learning by Reading
    40. Learning by Writing
    41. Learning from Animals
    42. Leaning from the Child
    43. Learning from Music

  • 44. Learning from the Past
    45. Learning… Not so Seriously
    46. Learning Something
    47. Letting Go
    48. Maintaining Integrity
    49. Making and Keeping Commitments
    50. Making Connections
    51. Making Decisions
    52. Mastery
    53. Programming for Success
    54. Reflecting on my Life
    55. Saying No
    56. Serving Others
    57. Staying Centered
    58. Suspending Judgement
    59. Taking Risks
    60. Thinking Differently
    61.Trusting Myself and Others
    62. Unlearning
    63. What to do when I’m Stuck
    64. Working Smarter

How it works

  • Topics

    The Learner Within contains resources that cover a wide range of learning outcomes and topics. Choose one of the 64 topics included on the index page to start your learning journey.

  • Learning Packages

    Consider each package a unique “island of learning” just waiting to be explored. Each package contains a set of cards that you'll use to facilitate learning.

  • Cards

    Each of the 7 colour-coded cards in a learning package presents  a unique approach to understanding and learning more about a topic. 

The Learner Within is designed to help its users discover solutions specific to them, their team or their organization. Founded on proven techniques in leading-edge management thinking, it contains models, frameworks, thought-provoking questions, suggestions, quotations and resources that will lead its users towards their own discoveries as they chart their own learning journeys.

Inspiring Learning

The Learner Within can be used, during training seminars or workshops, as a personal learning assistant, and catalyst for change. Regardless of the size of an organization or program, or the intended outcome, The Learner Within offers the vital resources needed to inspire continued learning and growth at all levels.

For individuals and teams

Learning activities relevant to each topic are provided for individuals and for groups or teams. Cross-referencing lets the users take paths specific to their interests, with freedom to choose their paths as they go.