How the use of The Learner Within will benefit you.

The Learner Within will Benefit

The Individual:

  • Work on real personal issues, problems, and/or questions.
  • Support to think through issues / Personal Coach
  • Helps take new perspectives / Tackle things differently.
  • Facilitate inquiry on assumptions
  • Bring clarity of purpose/ Forging will
  • Invites you to a personal journey on a path specific to you.
  • Just-in-time learning

Balance / Reconcile professional and/or personal life.


  • Dialogue
  • Open communication/Feedback/Trust
  • Collectively focusing on what is important.
  • What’s really happening
  • Creating Learning Conversations
  • Interpersonal Coaching


  • Encourages teamwork/Team leadership
  • Helps to focus on real team experiences/ issues (What do we need to do? Address? Change?)
  • Supports people in taking new roles; leaders, coaches, consultants, advisors, change-agents, facilitators.
  • Team responsible for rhythm, pace, topics, roles, path, progress monitoring.


  • Offers appreciation approach to personal / share holder / stakeholder values
  • Becoming a learning Organization (Shared Vision, Team leadership, Personal mastery, mental models, systems thinking.)
  • Helps focus on requirements and conditions for change/ transformation (Behaviour / Attitudes)
  • Can be used as a thought organizer and a Catalyst for Quantum Thinking.

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Facilitated half day workshops on any of the 64 topics available upon request.

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The Learner Within Price : $ US 485 FOB Vancouver, BC. Canada. Orders for North America are dispatched from Vancouver, B.C. Canada and sent to wherever you need them.